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What to expect

Mindarie Chiropractic Centre Reception

We provide clarity on health by educating our clients with up to date information about Chiropractic care and the Chiropractic lifestyle.

We empower our clients to take control of their health by offering choices in how they would like to utilise our services.

We look to energise our clients with innovative techniques and state of the art technology to get the best results.

First Visit:

The first visit is an assessment visit. The more we understand your problem and health history, the more we can help you. We will ask you to fill out a health history form and discuss any specific health issues you are experiencing.

Following this we undertake a thorough neurological and physical exam which may include us requesting further imaging such as X-Rays, CT’s or MRI’s. Typically this is not required for children. To help us asses you best please wear light comfortable clothing.

Depending on your presentation we may begin care on this visit, although often the results of further imaging are required before we start care.

Please allow 45 min for this appointment.

Second Visit:

The second visit is where we discuss results and begin treatment. We will have the imaging results on hand and will explain what they show, how they relate to your health status and how we can help you. After answering all your questions we will outline your choices of care, fully explaining how long each will take and how much it will cost.

Please allow 30min for this appointment.

Regular Visits

Regular visits are short but just as important! On these visits we continue your care and update you on your progress. On some visits we will redo important tests to further track your progress so we can continue to monitor your improvements.

Typically these visits last 5-10 min; we value your time so, in most cases we will see you at, or very close to schedule appointment time. To make your stay more comfortable we have a wide range of herbal teas, so please feel free to ask for one!

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