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Children & Babies

Children can undergo trauma and stress which may have impact on their development, movement and health. Some examples of trauma include the birthing process, falls, sports injuries and even heavy school bags.

Mindarie Chiropractic Babies

Infants may be more unsettled with a restricted spine and/or cranial bones, most commonly related to their birth or intrauterine positioning. Some signs to look for may include favouring head turning to one side, a flat spot or uneven leg folds, when hip dysplasia has been ruled out. A Chiropractic assessment may also assist infants who have had a tongue and/or lip tie release for a holistic approach to improve feeding.

At Mindarie Chiropractic we are able to assess your child’s posture and mobility and use gentle Chiropractic techniques to assist them.

Both of our Chiropractors have extensive clinical experience and have undergone further Chiropractic training in children’s health.

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Throughout pregnancy the body undergoes various postural changes as your baby grows, which can put additional strain on muscles, ligaments and joints. It is reported that 50% of women report lower back pain in pregnancy as well as some studies reporting that there may be a relationship between back pain throughout pregnancy and longer duration of labour.

Optimising lumbar and pelvic positioning through Chiropractic care may reduce stress felt through the lower back and hips as well as optimising baby positioning affected by pelvis rotation. Likewise, as the body begins to return to a pre pregnancy state, continued care may benefit restoring normal movement of the spine and posture.

Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment used on pregnant women which reduces interference to the nervous system and improving function of the pelvic muscles and ligaments.

Contact us for more information about pregnancy and postpartum care, including the option of home visits in the early stages postpartum.

Post Partum Mindarie Chiropractic

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